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Agitpop, is a pop and politics show on North Cotswold Community Radio, presented by Chris Jury, and focusing on songs and artists throughout popular music history who have influenced political and social ideas.

Previous guests have included actor & singer/songwriter Dudley Sutton; Professor of Philosophy at Reading University, Brad Hooker; novelist and Observer columnist, Henry Porter; local district Councillor, Lynden Stowe; Editor of the Guardian Newspaper, Alan Rusbridger; the Senior Fellow in the Public Understanding of Philosophy at Warwick University, Angie Hobbs and Oscar winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley.

You can listen to previous shows on this website here. Or on NCCR Listen Again.

The next series will start on Sunday October the 30th 2011 from 19.30 -21.30 and then run in the same slot for 6 weeks.

The first guest on the show will be Cotswold District Councillor and former Conservative Leader of Gloucestershire County Council, Barry Dare.

The guest for the second show on Sunday 6th November will be TV and theatre actor Dominic Mafham, star of Our Mutual Friend, Kingdom and Land Girl’s.

On the 13th & 20th of November Chris Jury will be playing tracks from Dorian Lynskey’s history of the protest song, 33 Revolutions Per Minute.

The format for the last two shows will be announced in November.

From Billie Holiday to the Housemartins, Woody Guthrie to Billy Bragg, Bob Marley to the Manic Street Preachers; from the very beginnings of modern popular music artists have tried to express their political beliefs through song. These songs have in turn inspired generations of activists and politicians on both left and right and profoundly influenced popular political ideas.

Agitpop, will explore the history and impact of both the songs and the ideas they try to express; Forbidden Fruit by Billie Holiday, Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who, What’s Going On, By Marvin Gaye, War by Edwin Starr, Common People by Pulp; iconic songs that express powerful social & political ideas in the most accessible of forms – pop music.

Our guests choose their own list of ten tracks that have a particular political, philosophical or social relevance to them.

During the show we then play the songs and the guests talk about how the political, social and philosophical ideas of the songs have personallt affected them and their life-story.

The show launched in April 2010 with 3 consecutive Election Specials in which the Cotswold Constituency candidates for the three main parties discussed the songs and music that have inspired them and influenced their politics.

The aim of Agitpop is to interest a different audience in the widest range of political and social ideas and the show does not pursue any political agenda of its own.


2 thoughts on “Agitpop Radio Home”

  1. It would be fun to get Rebecca Brooks or james Murdoch or Bob Diamond – who now has time on his hands, . . .

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